Gift to the World

by Beth Gager

When was it that you stopped being a gift to the world? Do you remember a moment, a life event, a certain shameful instant when you went from being the miracle you were born as and turned into one of the lost and broken ones? I remember when it happened to me. It was when I was sitting on the examining table at the State Psychiatric Hospital and I was forcefully refusing to let the doctor there give me a physical. In that moment I knew that something irrevocable had shifted in my life. I knew that I was no longer one of the good ones, one of the smart ones, one of the privileged ones. I had become something unknown to myself, someone identified as a problem by the world around me. I had made a mistake in the eyes of the world. I had gone so far into the world of my soul and the unseen that no one in my life could see me anymore other than as someone who was broken. That was what the world said. And so for a very long time I believed them. Until it no longer served me or anyone else to do so. And so then I found myself again. I found who I was as a gift and a light and not as someone who appeared lost. Now I know that there are other words than lost and broken for who I was in the midst of becoming then. There are words like healer, priestess, shaman, seer, ancient one. Now I know that I was answering a call that cannot be denied, that I was journeying deep into the world of magic and mystery so I could come back as a whole and beautiful beacon for others to be lit up by. So, what about you? Who are you in your core, in your center, in the place inside of you that has never, not for one moment, been broken? You have been seen as lost. People have mistaken you for one without purpose, for one without direction, for one without brilliance. But who are you really? What if today you decided to be the gift for the world that you are meant to be? What would that look like, what would it feel like, what would happen inside the pulse and beat in the marrow of your bones? If there is one thing that I learned by coming out of the bleak locked wards of the places where people put us when they think we are broken it is this… everything matters. It is all, in its own beautiful, mysterious and grand way, real. It is real to me, because I went there. And it is real to you, too, because it is yours. You are and never have been, broken. What you are is a mystic, a healer, a person with a window into the world of the unseen. It’s up to you to find a way to live with that world that lives in you. It’s up to you to dig your roots deep, deep into the ground beneath you and discover the truth of what you are here to do. It’s up to you to make sense of your own life, in your own magnificent way. And then it is up to you to shine your light where others can see you. It is up to you to be the gift that you really are. You are the magic. You are the mystery. You are the power that lives in everything. You are not separate from the ones that belong to the world, you are a critical conduit of their belonging. You can do what you are here for. And you can join with the beautiful fabric of creation that holds all of us in its loving embrace. Make a choice for yourself that you will look inside your own heart, your own mind, your own soul. We are all waiting for you. Right now.

Beth Gager is the author of A Rooted Mind…Saying yes to beauty, wellness and deeply-rooted mental health. She is a life coach who specializes in helping people who have been seen by themselves or the world as lost and broken, especially those with a window into the world of the unseen. She serves on the Board of the Hearing Voices Network and is a trained Hearing Voices Network group facilitator. Her website is https// and she can be reached at


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