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Personal Transformation

VOCAL impacts personal lives through networking peers to each other, sharing stories of hope, and offering leadership and recovery training.


Community Transformation

VOCAL impacts communities by outreach to determine unmet needs, convening workgroups, and networking peers regionally.


Systems Transformation

VOCAL impacts mental health support systems through advocacy, researching innovative solutions and networking peer-run programs.

"VOCAL offers people opportunities to see peers that have overcome obstacles and reached milestones in life, which they may not realize someone with a disability can achieve. Gives them hope in their own lives." - VOCAL Member

VOCAL Network

Connect with peers in recovery around Virginia -- more than 2000 VOCAL members statewide.

VOCAL Network


"Recovery Education and Creative Healing:" Find tools & trainings for finding & sharing wellness.



"Coalition Of Peer-run Programs:" Networking and resources to sustain peer-run programs.


VOCAL Advocacy

Learn how to speak up for services you need & unite with peers for systems change.

VOCAL Advocacy

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Virginia Mental Health Peer News


Western State Hospital Visit

Last week I visited long-time VOCAL supporter and WRAP facilitator Clyde Hoy at Western State Hospital. I’ve never been to the new building and, truth be told, I make it my business to stay away from hospitals when possible. But Clyde, Rachel Isak-Peer (who was headed out to hang art at “...


A WRAP Seminar for Young Adults!

ATTENTION PEERS AGED 18 to 30:  Join VOCAL May 23 and 24 for YOUNG ADULT WRAP.  Young adults come together and develop their own strategies for managing their potential through challenging times and increasing levels of wellness.  This is an empowering process, with sharing of stories and insight...

Peer Recovery Specialist certification extended

Virginia peers who want to become a Certified Peer Recovery Specialists have until the end of 2016 to qualify under the current standards. Here is the news directly from the state’s liaison with the certification board, in an email dated April 5th: “In collaboration with DBHDS Office of ...