cloudsLast week I visited long-time VOCAL supporter and WRAP facilitator Clyde Hoy at Western State Hospital.

I’ve never been to the new building and, truth be told, I make it my business to stay away from hospitals when possible.

But Clyde, Rachel Isak-Peer (who was headed out to hang art at “The Path To Recovery” exhibit in Staunton) and Cheri Wasserman have put such love and attention into their offerings.

The picture above is from a sensory room that Rachel set up with projections of calming images, gentle music and tactile sensations. Clyde shared with me the Peer Resource room – part library, part meeting space and a place to come for support and recovery information.

The recovery, hope and empowerment messages VOCAL has worked to promote are evident here. Western also just hired their first full-time Peer Support Specialist, Riley Curran.

“It’s a work in progress,” Clyde says and I am convinced this progress is made speedier with participation by the people served. – Malaina Poore, VOCAL Network Program Director

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