A 2017 video created by Pat Deegan PhD & Associates LLC and narrated by Dr. Deegan talks about how “power statements” can “help peers remain ‘peer.’” Power statements are “carefully crafted self-advocacy statements that amplify the voice of our peers to the treatment team. When peer specialists invite peers to create power statements, we know we’re remaining true to what makes our work unique,” Deegan says. “In my opinion,” she notes, “all too commonly, peer specialists get assimilated into working and talking just like traditional mental health clinicians…The danger is that if we drift away from what is unique about being ‘peer,’ our work will become indistinguishable from the work of the clinical staff.” Deegan gives an example of how to avoid this trap, and notes that “peers should not be judging or assessing peers” and “the work of peer specialists should always be guided by the goals of our peers.” To view the short video, click here.

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