Your voice is needed before Monday, February 2, 2020

There are several Mandatory Outpatient Treatment (MOT) bills that are a concern for the peer community. This legislation concerns VOCAL’s constituents for multiple reasons. With that said, as a peer-run advocacy organization, our foremost concern is always the civil rights of Virginia’s mental health peers. VOCAL fears that the unintended consequence of these bills will result in the dilution of peers’ right to self-determination and reinforcement of widespread learned helplessness.

Click here to learn about the bills being considered.

ACT NOW!!! Please call members of the House of Delegates’ Health, Welfare, and Institutions (HWI) Subcommittee to let them know your thoughts on the proposed MOT bills before Monday, February 2, 2020

The members of the House Health, Welfare and Institutions subcommittee on Behavioral Health are:

Delegate Marcia Price, Chair – 804.698.1095

Delegate Patrick Hope – 804.698.1047

Delegate Mark Levine – 804.698.1045

Delegate Rodney Willet – 804.698.1073

Delegate Rob Bell – 804.698.1058

Delegate Chris Head – 804.698.1017

Delegate Mark Sickles, Ex Officio – 804.698.1043

VOCAL published this document for its use in educating legislators on MOT. Please feel free to use this piece for educational purposes while contacting your legislators should you so desire.

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