Two Framed VOCAL t-shirts: "Strength in diversity and focus"Members of VOCAL shape the organization’s Mission, Vision and Values by suggesting changes to the governing document, called ByLaws, to our Board of Directors.

The Board considers members’ ideas and proposes a revision, which members have a chance to review. ByLaw changes have to be approved by a vote of members at a meeting at our annual conference, held every May.

VOCAL’s Vision

To achieve a peer-driven mental health system in the state of Virginia.

VOCAL’s Mission

To create a climate in Virginia where peers are empowered to understand and find their own recovery through programs that achieve: a) personal transformation, b) community transformation, and c) systems transformation.

VOCAL’s Values

We value and work for the full human rights and self-determination of every individual, regardless of their mental state or diagnosis.

We believe in the right of each member and member center to self-direction, and value all centers regardless of agency size, services, or programs.

We encourage individual input and operate by an inclusive process with open and honest communication.

We value each person’s individual process of recovery. We value the worth and dignity of all people.

VOCAL’s Position on Issues

VOCAL exists to empower our members to speak their own truth. We do not take organizational positions on issues in the news or policy on a local, state or federal level. We do educate members and the public about mental health recovery values and practices. For more information on recovery and policy, read VOCAL’s Policy Statement.