Peers looking at a fundraising planVOCAL Coalition Of Peer-run Programs

The Coalition of Peer-Run Programs is a community of leaders of more than 20 self-governed mental health peer support and advocacy programs around Virginia.  We meet in-person and by phone to support each other and share ideas, tools, and strategies to maintain healthy programs that model peer values and will last into the future.

The Coalition is also a program of VOCAL that offers ongoing technical assistance to peer-run programs and to groups interested in establishing new peer support programs. Throughout the year, VOCAL provides:

  • Annual organizational needs assessments for 501-c-3 peer-run mental health programs
  • A library of resources on non-profit and peer support practices (see below)
  • Review of and support for applications for 501-c-3 status for new peer-run mental health programs
  • Workshops about Board Development, Fundraising, Organizational Wellness and Participatory Decision-Making
  • Evaluation infrastructure and support
  • Facilitation of Executive Director and Board of Director Retreats
  • Advocacy for peer-run program needs and interests

Library of Non-Profit Resources

There are thousands of quality resources for non-profits available in communities and on the internet. VOCAL staff have curated or created a set of resources that fit the values of peer-support, can be implemented with the average staff and financial resources available and that are fairly easy to read. Please contact Daniel Barrows at with your area of interest, and he will gladly email you appropriate resources or even mail you a good book on the topic!

Get involved!

Here’s how you can get involved with Virginia’s Coalition of Peer-Run Programs. To learn more, get in touch with the VOCAL office: 804.343.1777.

Newspaper iconThe “Co-OPP Corner” newsletter – Monthly news, resources and networking for peer-run program leaders. Sign up here.

Survey iconAnnual Needs Assessment Survey –   If you are a non-profit Executive Director or Board Member, encourage your organization to take the Coalition’s annual needs assessment survey. This tool allows you to review the organization’s skills and practices in core areas, including the common ingredients of peer-run programs. Download the survey and instructions here.

Icon of a presentation chartOn-site trainings – Schedule VOCAL staff come to your program site to conduct board and or/staff trainings, on topics you select. If VOCAL staff are not qualified to train in that area, we help you find subject matter experts.

book iconVirginia-specific resources – Looking for a document, form, policy or other resources? Browse our library (above or sidebar of this section) contributed by programs around the state or researched by VOCAL staff.

Teacher iconContribute your expertise If it matters to you and your peer-run program, it likely matters to another program elsewhere in Virginia. Share your knowledge and passion with other peer-run programs by hosting a webinar on a topic or presenting at a conference or retreat.

Request Support or Training

Contact the VOCAL office: 804.343.1777