The main intention of VOCAL’s REACH (Recovery Education And Creative Healing) Program is to coordinate recovery education opportunities across the state. In addition to the regular curriculum offerings, which vary dependent on staff expertise and capacity, the REACH Program is also able to respond to individual requests, made by organizations/groups.

Please see the listings below to view some of the potential workshop and training topics.

  • Overview of VOCAL and Virginia’s Behavioral Health System,
  • History of the Peer Movement,
  • Telling Your Story: Introduction to Advocacy,
  • First Steps for New Programs,
  • Board Roles and Responsibilities,
  • Ethics for Peer Workers,
  • Recovery Through Art Making and Writing,
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Behavioral Health Professionals,
  • Trauma-Informed Care,
  • Creating Safer Spaces: Examining the Intersection Between Behavioral Health and LGBTQ+ Identities,
  • Firewalkers: Radically Rethinking Mental Illness (Check out the 2009 published book!),
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAPⓇ) groups and facilitator trainings,
  • Peer Support Whole Health and Resiliency, and
  • Pathways to Recovery.

Our training brochure can be also viewed and printed via this link.

If you and your colleagues are interested in one of these events, please reach out to Megan Sharkey, the REACH Program Director, to discuss the possibility. For all questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding VOCAL recovery education opportunities, please contact Megan:

804 343 1777 |