12 Ways you can get involved in empowerment & recovery

  1. Come to Our Conference

    Our annual conference is a time for connecting, learning, and building our movement. Open to all. Held in various locations around the Commonwealth of Virginia in the late spring or summer of each year. Scholarships available. Find out more.

  2. Become a Facilitator

    Learn to lead mental health recovery groups. Weeklong training held in Richmond in the Fall. Scholarships and paid registration is available. Find out more.

  3. Touch Fire

    Firewalkers is a book and social change project that redefines mental illness as a journey of altered states, ecstatic visions, crazy blessings & mad gifts. Learn more.

  4. Start or Build a Program

    Our nonprofit trainings, consulting, and leadership retreats focus on community-building and program development skills. Available for staff, board, volunteers and organizers of peer-run programs, including newly-forming groups. Find out more.

  5. Get Involved in Your Community

    There are more than 15 peer-run mental health programs in Virginia. All designed, led, and governed by people in recovery from mental illness. Many programs are seeking more members, volunteers and collaborators. Visit our Peer Program Directory to find a program near you.

  6. Become a Member

    VOCAL connects people to people and works to improve Virginia’s mental health services. Join us. Membership is free. Click here to join.

  7. Get the News

    Our free newsletters are filled with information, updates, and opportunites for mental health advocates, peers, and allies. Get the news.

  8. Join a Recovery Group

    Learn to create a plan for your wellness. Regain control of your life, and revitalize your hopes and dreams. Free mental health recovery groups are offered throughout Virginia. To find out more contact ann@nullvocalvirginia.org

  9. Become an Advocate

    Help create transformation in the Virginia Mental Health System. We can link you with openings on mental health boards and committees. Find out more.

  10. Express Yourself

    We are seeking peer contributions to our newsletter. We want your experience, your story, your opinion, artwork or poetry! Contact Yolande at yolande@nullvocalvirginia.org

  11. Volunteer for VOCAL

    VOCAL seeks volunteers for website, committees, office work & many other projects. If you would like to volunteer your time or talents, contact Yolande at yolande@nullvocalvirginia.org

  12. Become a Reporter

    VOCAL collects and shares information on mental health advocates and peer activities throughout the state. As a reporter, you can call or write us with updates from your area. Contact Yolande at yolande@nullvocalvirginia.org