Some members choose to volunteer to monitor, maintain and further VOCAL’s mission, finances and legal compliance by serving on the Board of Directors. This is an important role for keeping the organization healthy and long lasting.

There are seats on the board for peer representatives from each of Virginia’s seven health planning regions so we can hear the needs of the membership around the whole state.  There are also at large seats for peers with or willing to learn specific business, fundraising and planning skills needed by a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

To learn more about serving on VOCAL’s Board of Directors, contact Executive Director Deidre Johnson at 804-343-1777.

You can view the Board of Directors Agreement or print the VOCAL BOD Application.

Current Board of Directors Roster

Board President – Bobbie Hepner (Bridgewater)

Board Vice-President – Jamie Reavis  (Richmond)

Board Secretary – Vacant

Board Treasurer – Steven Clemons (Salem)

At large – Traci Jones (Ashland)

At large – Heather Fossen (Culpepper)

Region 1 – Daniel “Rojo” Arvelo-Perez (Charlottesville)

Region 2 – Jerry Higginson (Loudon)

Region 3 – Marty Grizzle (Glade Spring)

Region 4 – Avis Marsh (Ashland)

Region 5 – Vacant

Region 6 – Vacant

Region 7 – Jeff Leonard (Roanoke)

Advisory Committee

Ryan Tempesco (Virginia Beach)