2019 Annual Mental Health Recovery Conference: “The Evolution of Us” May 20 and 21 at the Hotel Madison in Harrisonburg – Registration is Now Closed!

Thank you to all whom attended and made 2019 a year to remember. We look forward to seeing you again in May, 2020.

To see the 2019 conference schedule, click here.

Savannah Hatcher, performer and mental health advocate, was our keynote. Savannah received a Bachelors of Music in classical piano performance in 2015.  Upon graduating, Savannah has opened her own music studio where she teaches private lessons to both piano and violin students. Her album, The String Theory, intends to evoke images of the wonders of the universe, featuring songs about the galaxy and the proposed scientific theory of everything: string theory.    

The album also discusses her struggle with bipolar disorder and her advocacy of mental health awareness, as well as social commentary on a variety of topics.