REACH: Recovery Education And Creative Healing

pastel art drawingREACH promotes self-discovery and self-appreciation through improving life skills, and investing in personal recovery. What is recovery?

For more information about the programs and services below, contact Program Director Don Johnson at or call 804-343-1777.


  • WRAP® Facilitator Training and Facilitator Refresher courses.
  • Virginia Peer Recovery Specialist Training
  • Continuing Education Programs for Certified Peer Recovery Specialists
  • On-going follow-up and support for WRAP® Facilitators, including a database of facilitators with current contact information as well as facilitation activity.
  • Research and trainings on many recovery-oriented curriculum, including how to incorporate the creative arts.
  • Travel to present workshops on recovery topics at conferences, seminars, board meetings, and clubhouses.
  • Presentations, and trainings to providers in an effort to work toward a recovery-oriented system of care.
  • Consultation on implementing recovery-based principles in your organization.
  • Publicizing of recovery education programs and classes offered by other peer groups.


Costs varies with programs (scholarship support is sometimes available).

No cost to Peer-Run Programs.

There is a fee for providers and other stakeholders who participate in any REACH sponsored events.

Recovery Facilitator Trainings

We have trained over 130 recovery facilitators from all over the Commonwealth who are now leading recovery groups in their communities. We use a curriculum called WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, as a wellness practice that encourages self determination and self advocacy. To apply to be a certified WRAP® group facilitator, complete a WRAP application here and we will contact you.

Recovery Outreach Services

The REACH Program Director is available to travel and present on recovery topics and wellness tools. Such as:

• Presentations on recovery for staff development, Clubhouses, conferences, seminars, and board meetings. See the VOCAL Workshop Catalog.

• WRAP® training and assistance and support in starting WRAP® groups

Creating a Recovery-Based Mental Health System

REACH is an important part of Virginia’s mental health care system, a system based on endless possibilities for recovery. We foster cooperation and understanding between service providers and people who use mental health services. Wellness management is a vital piece of the recovery picture for individuals with mental illness. It is crucial that providers understand and support these principles because a system of care that supports recovery can only happen when there is a partnership between service providers and people who use services. We are available to consult on implementing recovery-based principles in your organization.



ATTENTION PEERS AGED 18 to 30:  Join VOCAL May 23 and 24 for YOUNG ADULT WRAP.  Young adults come together and develop their own strategies for managing their potential through challenging times and increasing levels of wellness.  This is an empowering...

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